The Factual rates 10,000+ articles a day and automatically calculates the probability that an individual article is credible. Because the calculation is automated and devoid of human involvement, criteria are consistently applied across articles and sources. 


Many popular journalists write articles with very few links or are highly opinionated. This may be because of their writing style or policies of their publisher/editor. Such articles will rank poorly with The Factual. While this may seem unfair, it is incumbent on journalists (and publishers) to link to good sources and moderate their opinions, particularly in today's climate of distrust in the media.


Cornell Votes is a university-wide non-partisan campaign to increase voter registration, turnout, and civic engagement on campus. We aim to create a campus culture where every person exercises their right to have a voice in their representation, through voting, democratic engagement, and civil discourse.

Cornell Votes is a coalition of student, staff, and faculty stakeholders from across campus along with local community partners working to achieve increase voter registration and voter turnout among eligible voters