About Us

We are a group of Cornell Graduates that came together to create what we thought was missing from the market: a source of information that wasn't tainted by opinion, just easy to understand information about our representatives. Our founders wanted to create one place for information that people of all interests can get information in real-time about how and what their representatives are voting on while they are in office. We collaborated with local and state officials to create a seamless user experience that voters can get relevant information about their representatives. 

Swing Team

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Ian Starnes

Co-Founder & Backend Developer

"The US has continued to be one of the least civically engaged democracies in the world. Not only is Swing trying to help inform voters in making their decision at the ballot, but we are also keeping our representatives accountable while they are in office. We aim to increase political awareness and ensure elected representatives have the interests of their constituents at the forefront of their policies."

Ian is a cofounders of Swing. Majoring in Environmental Engineering, he has always prioritized creating a healthier and more sustainable world. He stands by the idea that there is no barrier that can't be passed with hard work and dedication to a dream. From upstate New York, in his free time, he likes to cycle, hike and go marathon canoeing. 


Sterling Kelly

Co-Founder & Backend Developer

"I found myself troubled by how it seemed that my representatives were unable to accurately represent what their constituents wanted, but rather only seemed to align with the more radical and loudest individuals.  As someone who is immuno-compromised, I wanted to make sure that my voice and all voices could be heard without having to worry about the Covid-19.  We made Swing to aid all in attributing to power to their voice, and allowing them to be more informed when they do decide to vote."

Originally from Boston, Sterling is an Information Science major at Cornell and is always on the lookout for the next jump in technology. His ability to work with both the technological and human sides of business development has made him an exceptional visionary for not only where Swing has come from, but where it will go.

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Eric Zhou

Business Development and Marketing

"It has become increasingly difficult and more time consuming to find unbiased sources of political information. As a result, many Americans are disinterested and do not put in the effort to make their voices heard. We created an accessible platform to simplify the research and help voters make more informed decisions."

A New York native, Eric has a business and finance background that he exercised at Cornell. Always looking for the next great investment, he is the force behind bringing Swing center stage of America's sociopolitical environment and identifying the next steps Swing can take to be a better flowing team environment.