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At Swing, our mission is to bridge the gap between politics and the people. We are a group of Cornell graduates that came together to offer what we thought was missing, easy to understand information about our elected representatives.

Swing Campaign is an approachable platform for everyone to have a dependable source of information and connect directly with their representatives. We are so excited to finally release our official app and Swing open to all of you! Let's Swing into Action!

Now available to download on the Apple and Android App store!

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Unique to You

With only your zipcode find who represents you on the local, state, and federal levels. 

Separate Fact From Fiction

Search through your representatives by party and government branch to gather information about what bills and laws they are voting on and for.

Vote On Your Representatives

Approve or disapprove of your representative's votes on bills and laws, and find resources to reach out to them directly through their email, phone number, or website link.

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Only Focus On Your Interests

Filter your newsfeed for bills, laws, and news that is relevant to your passions. No need to wade through information that isn't relevant to you.

Vote On Laws That Matter

Feedback is the most important aspect of Swing Campaign. After choosing topics that matter to you, vote on how you feel about laws being introduced into Congress.

Share On Your Profile

If you see a bill, law, or news piece that is important and want to keep updated on, share it to your profile to refer back to at a later date. 



Tools For Better Elections

Find out your voter registration, get instruction on how to request an absentee ballot, as well as where to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

Soon Swing Campaign will be working on brining ballots to you with demos of what you can expect before you get to the ballot box.

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